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Landscape painting has always been one of my favorite forms of art. In the last few years I have been concentrating on what I call my "sentinel" series,  in which I am chronicling with my art those barns and structures which have looked out over our lands, and served us well for so many decades. There is a strength and beauty in these buildings which is truly Midwestern and which will eventually be gone from our landscape. 


Generation Creek Oil 20x40

Fading Light Oil 11x14
Little River Sunset Oil 12x16
Driftless Creek Oil 16x20
October White Oil 9x12
Golden Crest Oil 5.5x8

Pasture Light Oil 22x28

Morning Graze Oil 18x24
Sugar River Autumn Oil 11x14
Evening Fire Oil 6.5x8.25
Verdant Creek Oil 8x10
Kerton's Pond Oil 8x10
Jacobs Crossing Oil 5x8
Century Tree Homestead Oil 18x24
Crimson Road Oil 11x20
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